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My Ethermine is a professional Ethereum Mining Contract Provider and working in this field since 2015. We are providing the opportunity to everyone to mine Ethereum with us in our own rigs running 24/7 finding Ethereum block by block. Today’s world is changing, and everyone is adapting to the New Ear called “Cryptocurrency” and investing in it for their future. We provided 200 and more mining contracts to our investors and doubled their money (as promised) in 80 weeks. Join us today by signing up and start your journey in Crypto world.

Double Your Money In 80 Weeks

Why My Ethermine is the Best Ethereum Mining Contract Provider

Before we starting talking about ourseleves, We want to educate you about What is Ethereum (ETH) . It is an open source, public, Blockchain-based distributed Computing platform and an operating system featuring smart Contract (Scripting) functionality. It also supports a very defined and modified version of Nakamoto Consensus via transaction based state transitions. ETH is a digital currency whose blockchain get generated by the Ethereum Platform. It can be transferred into several accounts and can be used to compensate participant mining nodes for computations. Ether also provides a decentralized turning-complete virtual machine which also called Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). EVM can execute any script using international networks of Public nodes.
We are mining in the market for almost three years now. We educated thousands of people connected them with the Digital Currency. If you still wondering what is actually My Ethereum is and how we do mining in it than keep reading because below we are explaining everything about us and what we do.

Cloud Mining

We have many reasons to think that no other ethereum mining system or home built mining rig can top our offer. Here is the list of the advantages of choosing our special mining services.

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The benefits of mining
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How we do mining in Ether

Our journey started back in December 2015, we started with few mining rigs and slowly but steadily when Ethereum reached to $25, many people started mining in this currency and it gave us idea to let everyone invest in one place and double their money, instead of running their own individual rigs and earning few to less ETH. Read more about our Journey and us in our About us Page.


Our advantages

Proficient professionals who commonly belive in the future of ethereum.

We have the knowledge, equipment and skills

Our ethereum mining involved specialized equipment to make crypto mining profitable for everyone.

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All Plans include Climate control

  • Climate Control85%
  • Latest & Efficient Technology99%
  • High Security Panel90%

Future of Ethereum and Ethermine

Ethereum has thrown a gigantic shadow during its brief timeframe in the spotlight. It traded around $1,200 as of January 29, 2018, and has grown a huge number of percent all through the most recent year. The stage has just pulled in large companies like JP Morgan Chase and Microsoft, who are among the more prominent individuals from the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. It is aiming to give "Resources for organizations to learn more about Ethereum and use this weighty innovation to address particular industry use cases."
That looks good for Ethereum's utilization in the business world, yet apparent adherents see the stage as something more than an instrument for enterprises; they consider it to be an approach to decentralize the web and make it fairer.

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