In 2017, Bitcoin came out as a big deal to everyone with price skyrocketing and everyone started talking about Cryptocurrency because of Bitcoin. But in 2018, the whole story is different, Ethereum is More Popular in India, Leaving Bitcoin in the most searched cryptocurrency in India in last Five months. ETH took 34.4% share of currency searches overall in compare to Bitcoin which got only 29.9% and rest of them took only 5% or less.

Ethereum is More Popular in India than Bitcoin According to Search Report

February was the month when Ethereum searches got double in compare to Bitcoin. In the research conduct between October 2017 to February 2018, Jana Analysed every currency search terms and exchange-site visits across famous company’s mCent browser app.

Comparison of Ethereum among other Coins

In December 2017, when the Bitcoin hit and breaks the $20,000 Record and made everyone who invested in it rich, it also made the Cryptocurrency searches to the sky. Since then the Bitcoin went down the slope and so does its popularity on search. Meanwhile, Ethereum, the second largest Cryptocurrency in the world logged at $1,261 with Bitcoin.

Ethereum Mining Signup

The popularity of Ethereum in Searches does not mean the transactions in ETH is surpassing the Bitcoins. According to Experts means it indicates that the popularity and the growing signs.

CEO of Jana, Nathan Eagle told the reporter in an Interview that,” It may not forecasting that people are buying the Ethereum than Bitcoin but there’s certainly a lot more interest to it in comparison to Bitcoin.”

proof of Ethereum popular than Bitcoin

At the Beginning of 2018, there was a bad environment for Cryptocurrency in India because of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley orders of not accepting Cryptocurrency as legal tender in India. And even last November they considered closing down crypto exchanges in India.

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Search Report Analysis: Ethereum is More Popular in India than Bitcoin
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